Privacy and security are the top concerns when people access information through the internet, but the demand for immediate access continues to increase. How do you ensure you are providing your members the information they seek in a secure environment?
  • To ensure confidentiality of information, each member will have a unique ID and Password. With this unique ID, members are in control of managing their profile, determining what notifications to receive and what information is available to other members.

  • The Board Members, other specific committee member’s (as authorized) and the system administrator have access to enhanced features that can improve the efficiency within your community.

  • “Permission based” access to tools such items as “Accounting”, “Website”, “Maintenance” and “Facility Management” are controlled by you.
  • Our secure registration system allows new residents to register on the site. After approval by the administer, they are emailed and welcomed to the site.

Features List
Community Website Community Website
Member Directories Member Directories
Online Payments Online Payments
Mobile Announcements Email Announcements
Events Management Event Management
Facility Reservations Facility Reservations
Message Boards Message Boards
Photo Galleries Photo Galleries
Video Galleries Video Galleries
Group Dashboards Group Dashboards
Violation Management Violation Management
Document Management Document Management
Accounting Accounting
Maintenance Management Maintenance Management
Electronic Forms EForms
Newsfeeds Newsfeeds
Online Voting Online Voting
Community Alerts Community Alerts
Mobile Notifications Mobile Notifications
eGarage Sales eGarage Sales
Community Store Community Store
Shared Vendors Shared Vendors
Shared Recipes Shared Recipes
Babysitter Reservations Babysitter Reservations
Private Message Walls Private Message Walls
Administration Administration
Permissions and Administration Permissions